A Great Garden Expo 2016

Garden expo has come and gone for another year.  Always the second weekend in February with the cold and snow outside, it is nice to be inside and be inspired for spring.  This was our second year for our own booth at Garden Expo and we had a great time.  It is nice to bring our new creations to the show just to gauge people’s reactions.  We sold a fair number of items, both things we made and vintage items.  So we got home and got busy again.  And with little time to replenish our stock because plants are on their way soon!

Here’s a few pictures from the show:



Let the Creations Continue!

Over the years, we have purchased quite a few different things to re-sell to our customers.  There have been things that we look for ourselves to put into the garden or on the porch, something unique that will add interest and character.  When we had difficulty finding these things, sometimes just practical things like an obelisk, we began to think that maybe we were not alone.  So, let’s find a source for these items and purchase them to sell (and keep a few ourselves!).  That was good, and we have sold quite a few items.  We try to find things that we can sell at what we feel is a reasonable price.

We usually like to change some of our items from year to year.  We do get new customers, but a lot of our regulars like to see something different.  And I don’t blame them.  I want to see something different too.  And it seemed that many of the items that we evolved to were getting more cheaply made and didn’t look “real”.  So we started collecting a few items here and there that we thought were neat and they sold.  And so it began…

We explore different things each year, up-cycling, repairing, refinishing, and the most fun is creating!  Chris is an artist.  She paints beautiful artwork with a variety of materials – oils, acrylics, mosaics, and mixed media.  Teri has learned to weld.  And we work together to finish the vintage pieces and dabble in jewelry making.  So we’ve kept busy in the off-season.  We have great work spaces to make our creations!

Creating dragonflies in what used to be the bakery.
Creating dragonflies in what used to be the bakery.


Welding area
Welding area





The most comfortable place to work - the studio!
The most comfortable place to work – the studio!