About Us

In the Beginning…

Russell’s Farm Market found it’s beginnings in 1974 when Bill Russell started growing fresh vegetables and selling them right here on the farm. After a few years, a remote Farm Stand was established in Marshfield, WI, bringing fresh, locally grown vegetables to a more urban area. A Pick-Your-Own Strawberry bed made the farm an important early summer destination.

Families Combine…

In 1993, Bill married Chris and the Farm continued to grow. Several remote Farm Stands were established in surrounding cities and family members, students, and friends were employed to keep the operation running smoothly. Chris decided it was time to start landscaping around the house. She was able to purchase perennials in smaller sizes and grow them on in the greenhouse until they were ready to plant outdoors. After a couple of years, she decided she had a few extra plants and began selling them in the spring.

The Kids Grew…

As Bill’s sons got older, John, Dylan, and Shawn played increasingly important roles in farm operations. They helped transplant seedlings in the greenhouse, transfer them to the field, harvest, and sell at one of the retail locations. Chris’s kids, Scott and Teri, also helped with farm operations during the summer months for a few years.

The Farm Grew…

In the spring of 2000, the bakery was added, much to the delight of our taste buds. The northeast corner of the shed was framed out and a certified kitchen built. Produce grown on the farm is utilized in pies and breads, along with a few more traditional goodies like cookies, turnovers, and coffee cakes.

And Grew…

With the perennial business well established, there was an increasing demand for annual flowers and baskets. It just so happened that Teri had come back home in 1999, and by 2006 was ready to fill that need. The annual greenhouse was built and we had no problem growing enough plants to fill it for sales!

And Grew…

Several more greenhouses were added for both perennials and annuals. The plant nursery yard in the front was converted into sales area. Shrubs and trees were added for sales. Unique garden art, planters, rain barrels, the Second Rain RainBench, the Saving Rain Diverter, and soil have also been added. And the lawn was slowly being eaten away by the expanding display gardens.

Until we got to where we are now…

A family business, with fresh produce still at the core, surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens. That is, after all, how it began. Bill started with the vegetables and Chris wanted to landscape around the house. We have a variety of spring educational sessions on building rain barrels, landscape design, and composting to name a few. The season starts with plant sales, spring crops such as asparagus and rhubarb, strawberry season in June, followed by summer produce and continued plant sales, and finishes in fall with pumpkins, potatoes, squash, and fall decor. We are open every day (except July 4) from late April through late October. Stop out and see us!


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