Wild Rose Location

We have a location in Wild Rose! This has been a wonderful and unique opportunity for us to expand our horizons and become part of another community. The residents and regular visitors to Wild Rose have made us feel so welcome.

As you can see in the pictures below, we have made some progress over the last few years. The first year was simply getting our bearings and making plans. We also purchased the lot next door to develop into display gardens. We cut down quite a few trees and hauled a lot of brush. Late in fall, we built a sunken garden using existing rocks. We cut a path through the retaining wall so we could easily walk between the lots. In 2012 we established some planting areas, the sales yard, and parking areas. We built a temporary lean-to greenhouse attached to the building for annuals and vegetable plant sales. By 2013, we had a pretty good start on the display gardens and outdoor areas. We added an “Artist’s Loft” in the upstairs area of the building where local artists displayed and sold their artwork. There was such a wonderful variety of styles and types of art to suit any taste. The artist’s loft was such a great success and will continue. Also in 2013, we incorporated a stone mosaic into the steps leading from the building to the display yard. You’ll have to stop out and see it!

By 2014, we were adding vintage and farm related decor through the entire building. The side rooms and back of the building provided neat vignette areas to feature some of our finds. By 2016, the artist’s loft evolved to an ever changing collection of old farm collectibles, refurbished barn finds, upcycled furniture, and even a few antiques. There is still plenty of art on display, ranging from canvas paintings to painted screens and fences, along with pieces of furniture, like tables and chairs.

Each year, we will continue with plant sales, develop the planting areas, expand the vintage collections and garden art areas, and of course provide delicious, home-grown produce. We are located in Hwy 22 just south of the main town. Open every day in season. Stop in, wander around, and say hi! We’d love to see you!!!


great plants, great produce, great people…

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