Teri heads up our annual growing operation.  If you’ve never ventured further down the driveway, you may have missed the annual greenhouses altogether.

We carry a nice selection of annuals to choose from.  We carry many of the Proven Winners varieties which have performed excellent for us over the years.  We also like to have a few of the unusual plants to make life interesting.  Coleus is one of our favorite plants – and you can tell when you walk into the greenhouse!  Whoever thought that plants without flowers could be so colorful and beautiful? Here are this year’s plants:

Annual Plant List 2018

Petunias 2017


Teri puts together a lot of combination containers – some work great and some are shining examples of what not to do.  We would be happy to help you pick out great combinations of plants to fill your own containers.



great plants, great produce, great people…

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