Perennials are one of our specialties at Russell’s Farm Market.  It is actually how we began with plants back in the mid-90s.  Chris wanted to landscape the yard, so began purchasing plants and starting seeds.  We certainly have filled up the yard over the years and now sell hundreds of varieties.

Most of the perennial plans we sell are hardy to Zones 3 or 4, but we do have a few that are listed as cold hardy to Zone 5.  If you live in the southern areas of the state, Zone 5 plants would do well for you.  At the farm in Central Wisconsin, we have good luck with Zone 5 plants making it through the winter.  Good snow cover helps!

Check out our Perennial Plant List 2018 to see if we have what you are looking for.

Not sure what some of these are?  We are working to compile an interactive plant list where you can just click on the plant name and more information will pop up along with a picture, of course.  There are quite a few done, but please be patient with us.  We’d rather be digging in the dirt too!  🙂


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