Veggie display at market

Produce.  Yum!!  The best time of the year is when we can harvest and eat most of our meals out of the garden – or field in our case.  Bill works very hard to grow and harvest a great selection of vegetables starting in early spring with asparagus and rhubarb followed by strawberries in June.

By the 4th of July, baby reds and peas are ready, and the cucumbers are right behind them.  Early tomatoes may even be ready before these veggies because we grow some in a greenhouse so they have more protection from the elements.  These are not hydroponic.  They are planted in the ground just like our field grown tomatoes.  Except this year, we have some in straw bales as an experiment.

Our mission each year is to have sweet corn ready as early as possible.  This is usually the first crop Bill plants in the spring – even before potatoes and peas.  He has a few tricks up his sleeve!!!

One of the stands in years past












By the time the corn is ready, we start the Marshfield Market.  Our stand is located on Main Street Marshfield in the corner of the Hiller’s True Value parking lot.  We have been asked many times why we go to Marshfield every day.  It is about a 1 hour and 20 minute drive from the farm in Plainfield.  Honestly, Bill started taking produce there MANY years ago, and the people are so wonderful that we just keep going!  The people in the Marshfield area are so supportive and appreciative for the fresh produce we bring every day.  Our veggies are ready just a little earlier than theirs because we are a little further south, but primarily because we are in sand country and can garden earlier!

We also of course sell produce at our home stand in Plainfield and at our Wild Rose location.  Everything is harvested and delivered daily.  Come on out and see us soon!!!


great plants, great produce, great people…

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